Our wait for technology geniuses to create the perfect pet voice translator with our beloved friends is still in the works. We only hear the barking of our canine friends, the meowing of furry felines, and other noises from our animal friends we have adopted. Sometimes we know what they want, may need, or seem to be saying.

But, what if our pets are lost or when in the care of others a medical emergency arises? What information would our companions be able to share with those who have no knowledge of their medical and physical needs?

We can speak for our friends by lovingly thinking ahead and compiling a free pet health record. This free pet health record can come as part of a software package or can be simply compiled using word processing equipment. The question that needs to be answered is what to include on our free pet health record? A basic free pet health record should include the following information as described under the following five useful components.

Basic Information

Included on your free pet health record would be your basic contact information. As the owner your own personal information would include your name, address, home phone number and alternate phone number (business, cell, etc.) Regarding your pet’s information include your animal’s name, any pedigree, date of birth, license number and microchip number (if applicable).

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency contact information is both necessary and vital in compiling your free pet health record. In the event that you cannot be reached provide a separate name of a close relative or friend and provide their phone number and address. Be sure to tell them that they have been listed. In addition include the contact information for your veterinarian. Other possibilities of contacts include any professionals associated with your animal’s care. These might include any pet sitters, boarding facilities utilized and professional groomers.

Medical History of Your Pet

A key component for inclusion on your free pet health record should be the listing of items pertaining to your pet’s health. Included should be any vaccinations given or surgeries undergone such as being neutered or spayed. Also included should be any preventative measures taken in maintaining your animal’s health. This could include treatment for worms, dental exams, physicals, etc. Remember to list the date of the procedure and results.

Including a Photo

As a safety measure it would be beneficial to include a picture of your animal friend as part of their free pet health record. In the event that your companion becomes disgruntled and leaves home a readily available picture can be used to quickly spread the word regarding their leaving and save precious time in searching for them.

Other Important Information

Finally, additional pertinent information to include on your free pet health record would be a chronicling of items that affect them individually. Some of those items to list would be a record of their weight, any environmental issues that may lend themselves to their health (possibly allergies) or possibly listing an issue with car sickness.